When you as a real estate agent join Agents ACT, you become a partner in our fight against child trafficking. 

We believe that real estate agents are the right catalyst to create a dent in this problem. 

When you partner with us you will become an Official Agents Against Child Trafficking Ambassador.

You will have permission to use our logo on any and all marketing and branding. 

You will also receive your own Agents ACT landing page and personal digital business card with information about your business and about Agents ACT as well. 

These are tools to use as your digital resume, help you market you and your business, and helps us spread awareness for the fight against child trafficking. 

We built this specifically to give you a special differentiating factor.

Our desire is that by co-branding with us you will build even more trust and rapport for your business in your community.

We want to be an integral part of you becoming a “Community Champ” in your local market.
We will also provide updates that our Ambassadors can send to all of their clients and spheres, keeping them in the loop and helping them also be part of such an important cause. 

We have many more things in the works for our Ambassadors in the near future and look forward to growing this cause with such an amazing group of people.
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Without YOU there is no fight against child trafficking.
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 Build Your Business
 With A Higher Purpose,
 Influence Your Market
 And Impact The World!
  • Kickstart The Fundraising Initiative by sharing the cause with your clients, friends, and family.
  • Spotlight Local Businesses and spread the message by building a network of highly leveraged community leaders.
  • Use Your Voice and be the hero to Thai children who are reliant on your position as an authority in your market service area.
  • Support Our Boots On The Ground who are raising the standards for human rights and are recognized by nations around the world.
  • Together We Can Reach Thousands Of Children and raise a generation to break the cycle of bondage.
  • ​ Help Us Give Children The Opportunity to laugh, play, and grow for the first time in their lives.
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Q. What is Agents ACT?

A. Agents Against Child Trafficking is a non-profit fundraising initiative.  Real Estate Agents started the cause and it is built specifically for agents.  What this means is we designed the initiative to make helping the children really easy for the individual agent.  We know not everyone can start their own non-profit.  This is exactly why we made it really easy for agents to adopt the cause and share with local communities on their own.

Q. What makes Agents ACT different from other fundraising initiatives?

A. Agents ACT has a unique vetting process that separates the impact of our activities from what other causes are able to accomplish.  Our partners have been involved with the fight against child trafficking for over 10 years.  Having a track record proven to be successful means things actually get done and children really get rescued when you make your contribution... 100% of the time.

Q. Where does the money go that we fundraise every month?

A. Money raised goes to raising awareness, rescuing, and supporting the children.  The money we raise goes to building homes, feeding and nurturing the kids, and constructing infrastructure on our 40+ acre PromiseLand in Thailand.  Agents ACT is focused on building a community and making the children we rescue feel like a part of a family.  From sustainable solar panels, to educational and learning materials for our schoolhouse, you can always be proud of the impact you are making when you partner with Agents ACT.

Q. Okay so I want to become an Ambassador... how do I share the cause when I get started?

A. When you get started with Agents ACT you will first choose your Contribution Plan.  With our first level Ambassador program we will write you a monthly newsletter to share with your sphere of influence.  You can also send clients to watch the documentary published on our public site.  With our second level Ambassador program you get the newsletter in addition to our tech package.  We will build you a digital business card and personally branded Agents ACT site to share the initiative.  Your site builds authority and directs people to speak with you to get involved.  You also gain the opportunity to build goodwill when you share your digital business card and clients see your Agents ACT Ambassador Spotlight.  In the top level of our contribution program you will have access to our exclusive Facebook mastermind group.  Here you will help shape the direction of our cause and be the first to implement new strategies. 
Find Out More about the specific contribution programs before getting started.
Choose Your Contribution Level!
  Read BelowJoin The Movement Today...
"Your enrollment means we save the life of another child."
  THE TRUTH IS - A lot of care and effort goes into building homes, providing warm meals, and nurturing children back into the community... and WE NEED YOUR HELP to do it.
10 YEARS BEFORE WE STARTED AGENTS ACT real estate agent Nicki Gregory had the chance to witness her friends and family (Lana, Jessi, and Brian) start a charity organization in Thailand called Life Impact.
Pictured Above: Lana, is with Brian, Jessi and their daughter standing alongside the Burma border where over 60 children are trafficked every day.  Just on the other side of the border is Myanmar, where 700,000 child slaves are in bondage.
Nicki remembers when the Jessi, Brian and Life Impact visited the children.  They went to see their very first homes multiple times.  She heard stories and watched videos of all the children.

The way most families have photo albums is the same way Life Impact documented the kids they saved in Thailand.

Once hopeless children were now directly benefitting from the money being raised.  Nicki saw the donations were rescuing real kids and babies.  Her emotions are as alive now as they were when she first saw the photos.
"I was so ANGRY.  Kids on the streets were starving on less than one meal a day and being sold for sometimes less than a pack of cigarettes!  I knew there was something I could do to help and I've been determined to make an impact ever since." - Nicki Gregory
FAST-FORWARD 10 YEARS LATER and Life Impact brought Nicki to see the transformation in Thailand with her own eyes.

What Nicki experienced was a growing community of children and homes... a safe place to eat warm meals, receive an education, and get out of harm's way.  

She also saw the dark side of the world that people in America couldn't even dream of in their worst nightmares.  Never had Nicki imagined that she would one day walk by the most lawless border in the world where over 60 children a day are kidnapped... or that she would find herself standing in the middle of a garbage dump where mothers, kids, and the elderly live in the world's trash... and even have the courage to not only see Bangkok's sex trade for herself at the red light district, but to also document the entire journey on video.
Pictured Above: Nicki Gregory and a child playing with a ball at the dump location where Lana's team helps prevent children from being trafficked.  Young adults who were once rescued by Lana and her team now actively help educate people living in this garbage site how to end the cycle of child slavery. 
"That's when I really understood how much real estate agents matter in the fight against child trafficking. After being an agent all my life, I know how much we value the importance of homes, community, and taking immediate action to get a result... this is exactly what Life Impact did to help the kids and I know agents are the perfect people to help today!" - Nicki Gregory
Accomplishments that took years before are only taking months today as a result of the persistent activity by Life Impact.  The operation has been so successful that they have relations with the Thai government today.  World nations are even looking to them for leadership in the human rights movement.

It's the power to go from a single orphanage with 15 children on Day 1 ---  to now having rescued over 150 kids, building 20+ homes, and living on 25 acres of land that really grabs your attention.  Life Impact's vision for a growth environment that embodies family values is what's so impressive in the eyes of the world.

AGENTS ACT Is Sending Aide To Life Impact by building on the pillars of success that have already been proven to work.
Pillars Of Success:


3. SUPPORT From American Communities
Pictured Above: Nicki Gregory with Beth Ann Jones, fellow real estate agent and Agents ACT Ambassador, in Thailand at the PromiseLand reserve for children rescued by Lana's team. The bridge is a modern architectural feat in the region and helps boost relations with the Thai government. 
Children who have lost everything are now looking to real estate agents for answers.  We know it's the people with the biggest hearts and most practical plan that can provide real world solutions... we're glad to say we have those people in our corner today!

For the sake of these children We're Asking YOU to share in our mission of Love and Service.

BEFORE they saw our children as beggars and a chance to make an easy buck by selling a singled-out child to Bangkok's red light district.

NOW, the Thai community are seeing our children as loving, rejuvenated, and intelligent leaders when they meet our young adults once again!
When you join the Agents ACT community your business is going to do more than support your family and community at home... it is going to transform lives and save the children of communities around the world!


Hurry Now, I don't know how many children we have been saving while you were reading this message... but I do know that together we can save at least one life of an innocent child when you take action today.
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